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With summer around the corner now is the time when we all start to think about the holiday we have been looking forward to all year. Summer holidays are the perfect time to relax and recharge, but they can also be a time when we find ourselves overindulging. One too many trips to the buffet table and all those exotic cocktails and we find ourselves on the plane home wondering why our clothes are now that bit snugger.

But worry not. We know the importance of that summer holiday so have put together this handy practical guide to help you enjoy your holiday and still keep on track with your weight loss and management plan.

Make it your focus to maintain your weight rather than gaining or losing. Remember you are on holiday so your focus should be to keep those extra pounds creeping back on. If you would rather continue to lose weight make sure you maintain your plan with careful planning.

Make the most of your chances to be active during your holiday; swimming in the pool / sea, taking walks and sightseeing. These are all great ways to get in some extra exercise during the day.

If you do have an exercise regime, try to find time to incorporate it during your holiday. It will make it much easier to carry on when you get back home.

The all you can eat buffet is the stuff of nightmares when it comes to weight loss and management. When you go up, pick one or two dishes. Use a smaller plate and don't be tempted to pile the food on. Remember; just because it's there, it doesn't mean you have to eat it!

Don't stand / sit near the buffet. Choose a table that is away from the food and if you are in a group that like to overindulge, eat slowly and enjoy your meal.

Make sure you are getting your daily amount of water and drink some before and during your meals to help you fill fuller.

Alcohol, another holiday favourite can also be the ruin of any weight loss / management plan. Keep an eye on the amount of alcohol you are drinking and try to avoid those drinks with hidden sugars like those tempting exotic cocktails. Another great way to limit your alcohol intake is to alternate each drink with a glass of water (you will feel better for it the next day too!).

If you do have a slip up DON'T let it throw you off your plan. A common mistake is to wake up the next morning feeling bad and then to blow it all out the window and go crazy. Just except that you had a slip up and get straight back on plan.


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