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At Ideal Weight we understand that taking control of your weight and setting a healthy target to work towards can be a big decision. It involves making conscious lifestyle changes in order to achieve your goal and develop a positive relationship with food that will see continued success in the future.

That's why we give clients ongoing guidance and inspiration from our professional and empathetic Ideal Weight coaches as part of our offering.

However, your wider support network can be invaluable in helping you along your weight loss journey and making the whole process easier and more enjoyable. This may include family, friends and colleagues, who can all be instrumental in influencing everyday food decisions and eating habits.

Think of family meals and the food you have at home. Does your partner or flatmate have a tendency towards unhealthy food choices but still manage to stay slim? Do your children request a ready supply of unhealthy snacks? Our Ideal Weight coaches suggest trying to talk to your family or household about your decision to take control of your weight and the reasons why – for example, a positive relationship with food and a happier, healthier you – and discuss any changes that can be made at home that will help you achieve your goal. Emphasise how better food choices may benefit everyone and how important their support is to you.

With friends and colleagues, think about whether you wish to share your decision with them, or how much you would like to reveal. This will depend on your relationships with them and if you feel their knowledge of your decision will be helpful or a hindrance. For example, you may choose to only tell your closest friends or colleagues.

People can sometimes react negatively to a person's decision to lose weight. They may feel comfortable with you as you are or may feel threatened by your physical changes. There may be occasions where people try to sabotage your efforts, for example, an office colleague who tries to ply you with cakes and biscuits, or a friend who is aghast at your refusal of a dessert. Try simply explaining to them why you are choosing this option and how it is important to you that they respect this.

Ideal Weight coaches suggest taking positive steps to support your choices by including those close to you. Suggest non-food related social activities; why not try walks in the park when the sun is shining, an exciting sporting activity or a trip to the theatre? Explain that you'd rather not go for a three course meal just at this time, but what about a light, healthy lunch somewhere? Remember, you can always talk to your Ideal Weight coach about any obstacles you are facing.

Ultimately, embarking on an Ideal Weight plan is an empowering decision. Making the most of your personal support network can help you along the way.



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