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Does life ever feel like a fine balancing act? There is often so much going on that it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by it all. With the demands of family, work and friends, plus the pressures you place on yourself, sometimes it can be hard to retain any sense of balance, which can leave you feeling stressed, exhausted and frustrated.

The elements in life that require the most balancing can be split into two categories. Internal refers to the mind, heart and health, and external refers to work, social, family and fun.

Ideally, we would all achieve a good life balance, which would allow us to dedicate ourselves to our many commitments, as well as find the time to look after our own wellbeing. Eating well, exercising, getting enough sleep, spending quality time with family and friends and getting the mental stimulation and emotional reflection you need, can all add up to create a balanced life.

With such busy agendas, it's easy to see how healthy eating and weight management can take a back seat. Finding the time to shop, cook and eat healthy meals, and squeeze in time for a gym visit, can be tricky. Relying on quick and easy convenience foods and skipping exercise because you're just too tired are patterns we can easily fall into, but this can leave you carrying extra weight that you're not comfortable with.

To help you stay balanced, Ideal Weight coaches suggest careful organisation of your time so that you can be confident of fitting everything in. Keeping a diary of key events and a to-do list of tasks will reassure you that you have a comprehensive record to refer to, whether written down or stored on your smartphone or computer.

Planning ahead is also useful. Thinking through how to approach a busy day, for example, could help to make it less stressful, if you have considered factors such as realistic timings, transport and a suitable outfit. Planning how you can eat healthily and looking at what options are available will help you stay on track with your weight loss plan, including keeping healthy snacks to hand if necessary.

With Ideal Weight you will learn the skills for long-term weight loss, with assistance at every step, so you can achieve your ideal you for life.


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