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July sees the return of the Tour de France to the UK, and with the last 2 winners of the Yellow Jersey coming from Britain, it really is a great time to get out on your bike.

So, why should you swap 4 wheels for 2?

- Cycling is a great way to exercise to help with both your fitness and weight loss.

- Unlike other forms of exercise like running, cycling is low impact and works a whole host of muscles in your body.

- Cycling can help build your cardiovascular fitness levels.

- It's a great way to spend time with the family getting out and about in the great outdoors.

- You get to see some of the county that you miss in a car or can't reach on foot.

- Bikes are cheap to buy and maintain. A well looked after bike will last you years.

- With so many cycling events held around the county you are never short of rides to take part in

- It's a completely pollution free mode of transport.

If you haven't cycled for a while then start of gentle with some short rides, perhaps round a local park. If you feel a little nervous when cycling on roads why not find a local forest, most of which have miles of bridleways you can explore.
Set yourself a challenge. There are 100's of organised bike rides you can take part in and many offer different length routes depending on your ability.

So what are you waiting for? Pump up those tires, dust off the helmet and get on your bike!


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