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Emotional eating is a strange term and you would be forgiven into thinking about a plate full of happiness, with a little bit of jealousy, pride and sadness on the side. But as funny as that sounds, you are not actually that far from the truth.

Think back to when you were a child on a hot summer's day, asking your parents for ice cream and you may find yourself reminiscing of happy times when you didn't have a care in the world. Well many of us carry these associations with us as we grow older.

Now we find ourselves X years old, we've had a bad day in work, it's raining, the boiler has broken and everything that can go has gone wrong. Now what do we do? The rational side of us would call a repair man and accept that 'such is life'. But no, we are emotional creatures so we find ourselves sat in front of the TV, blanket around us with a giant tub of Ben and Jerry's on our lap.

Why? It goes back to that dreamy summer as a child when you were at your happiest with your ice cream. You associate happiness with ice cream because of the trigger the memory brings back to you.

Just being aware of this can greatly affect your emotional eating. Listening to your feelings is the best way to tackle this. If you feel down remember that it is the association of memories that makes you feel better and not the ice cream. Treat your hurt side as a child and offer comfort from your adult side.

So next time you are having a bad day, acknowledge your feelings but don't let the child in you overcome the rational adult...because you're a grown up now.



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