I had heard talk about Ideal Weight but didn’t really pay much attention. It wasn’t as well known to me as other diets, so in my mind, it was always better to go with the old faithful’s – better the devil you know! I have tried a wide and diverse range of diet plans in the past, from the well known Weight Watchers, Slimming World and Slim Fast, but I have also tried some obscure plans from books I found on Amazon, like Neris and India’s Idiot-Proof Diet: Pig to Twig! All of these plans worked for me in the fact that I lost some weight, but they didn’t really work for me. For instance, being someone who would prefer to clean men’s urinals than cook a meal, having to follow strict instructions while counting points and measuring quantities soon became boring and annoying to me. When I say my cooking generally involves turning the heat up as far as possible because I can’t be bothered to wait and it makes it cook quicker, I am not joking. I believe the meals my poor fiancé consumes are the reason he has never visited a doctor in the 7 years we have been together, because the man has got an iron stomach.

So I signed up to WeightWatchers online (wanting to avoid all human contact as possible, believing that forging ahead alone was the best course of action) and paid my fee for a 3-month subscription, thinking that the fact I had spent money on it meant that I would most definitely stick to the plan. Well the iPhone app was the best tool ever, calculating all my points and giving me handy recipes when you type in specific ingredients, but the lack of my own personal chef and lack of any human contact whatsoever meant that I lost about half a stone in a couple of weeks before slowly losing interest.

I have always been reluctant to try diet plans where you buy food packs (e.g. LighterLife). Although I know people who have done amazingly well and lost a shed load of weight on these plans, I’ve always thought them to be very expensive, and in my mind, I think that I cannot possibly afford that sort of money for a diet. Only when I sat down one day with my bank statement and realized I am spending a small fortune on expensive, pre-packed lunches on so called ‘meal deals’ and the long list of takeaway vendors that seem to have a direct debit set up from my account each month with the amount of money I’m spending on them, I realized that signing up for a full weight loss package would not cost me a lot at all in comparison to what I am already spending on food.

A friend of mine had been on the Ideal Weight plan for a few weeks and the results were clearly visible (she looked fabulous!), so I visited the website to find out more about it. I really liked the fact that the Ideal Weight website didn’t give me any fake promises like so many other diet plan sites, like ‘drop a dress size in 2 weeks’. It just told me what I needed to hear; if you follow this plan you will lose weight, and your coach will be with you every step of the way. Simple. It seemed very easy to follow and buying food packs sounded like music to my ears, no cooking! I signed up online and shortly after received an e-mail from my Ideal Weight coach, and before I knew it, my journey to weight loss had begun.

Choosing the plan

I’ve always been an all or nothing person in pretty much everything I do, and that definitely includes dieting. If I feel like I am following a plan to the letter and not getting the results I expect, then I will throw in the towel because it’s not working for me. When I had to choose a plan to follow on the Ideal Weight, I knew exactly what I was going to do; follow the hardest one. My reasoning for this is if I can follow the hardest plan, then I can do anything, so losing the weight I want to lose will be achievable.

The 4 plan means I eat/drink 4 food packs a day, and nothing else. You can drink water plus tea or coffee as you have a milk allowance for this, but of course you must omit the sugar, or swap it for Canderel (hmmmm). My coach was a great help when deciding what plan to pick; although I knew I would go for the hardest plan, she advised me that if I found it hard going, I could easily change to the 3 plan (3 food packs and a meal put together using the meal matrix) as it wouldn’t be such a shock to the system.

I tried my first milkshake and it’s delicious (thankfully!). I had a vanilla shake and it tastes like melted vanilla ice-cream J I wasn’t overwhelmed by the fact that I am now having 200mls of liquid per meal, and a panicked little voice in my head started shouting ‘what have you done? This will make you miserable!’ Luckily I am still on that start-a-diet high, so I didn’t pay attention to my inner meanie and carried on. Hmmm, I quite fancy some porridge for dinner.



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