Well it’s been a few days since I started the 4 plan and I must admit I am feeling a little wobbly which I assume would be due to the lack of sugar and reduction of food quantity. My daily calorie intake has drastically reduced – its now around 600 calories a day – and I have cut out my favorite thing of all; sugar. I have such a sweet tooth, and to take away all that sugar has given me a couple of headaches, but despite that, I have felt better in cutting out all the junk food. I think my digestive system is happier because I don’t feel as bloated and uncomfortable as I used to after devouring a plateful of food. I have noticed that I feel tired in the afternoons at work, and again I assume this is due to the lack of sugar, but it’s improving every day as my body gets used to such a drastic change. I’m drinking plenty of water which is driving me slightly mental as I’m having to visit the loo about 30 times a day! But that’s got to be a good thing J I am counting down the days until my first weigh in.



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