I think I’ve already made it quite clear how much I detest cooking, but as I was now having to put together a meal every night as part of my 3 plan, I decided to take my coaches advice, so I sat myself down with a notepad and put together a list of meals I could create in conjunction with my Meal Matrix. It was much easier than I anticipated, and to make it even easier on myself (so I wouldn’t get frustrated with cooking and decide to order a pizza!) I also tried to make the meal ideas quick and easy to prepare and cook. So, after a few hours of deciding what I liked, what I didn’t like and things that I would be prepared to try, I had a nice little list of recipes. So tonight I put together my first meal from the Matrix, and it was delicious! I always thought that homemade beef burgers had to be made with an egg to bind them, but it isn’t necessary as the meat binds itself. I added a chopped red onion to the beef, some mixed herbs and seasoning, and popped them on the George Foreman grill for a few minutes. Served with a mixed leaf salad and topped with some grated cheese and fat free vinaigrette, job done!

P.S. I would definitely recommend anyone who does not have a George Foreman grill to invest in one. Obviously it doesn’t have to be a Foreman, it can be a Tesco value range grill, it does the same thing, but I cannot tell you how much easier and quicker it is to cook with one.



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