I have lost 7.7lb in one week! I am shocked! That is a lot of weight and I am really proud of myself. I got so nervous when I was about to be weighed, and as well as taking off my boots, I also went back to my old Slimming World days of removing everything I possibly could while still keeping my dignity intact. The squeal of excitement that came out of me when I saw that magical number was pretty high pitched. The funny thing is, it hasn’t been hard work, it’s adjusting to a new way of eating and a new way of thinking that is tricky, but as I’ve proved, not impossible.

My determination has just doubled after the satisfaction of seeing my hard work pay off, but I have made the decision to change plans to the 3 plan. I think this is because I just miss a bit of variety, and in a small way I am doing it for my family too. Gatherings with my family (which happen quite often) always seem to revolve around food, and although they are all very encouraging with my weight loss plan, I have some who feel bad eating in front of me so they won’t, and others who sit and give me sad faces while tucking into their dinner. I have explained many times that this is my decision and that them eating in front of me is not going to upset or annoy me, because I am in control of what I am doing (the coaching sessions are amazing for tackling these moments), but I think they are so used to seeing me tucking into a curry or slab of cake, they feel a slight pity for me. So, more for myself than for them, I am going to be reducing a pack and gaining a meal using the Meal Matrix to plan it. Unlike the previous measuring and point counting of past diet plans, with the Meal Matrix it simply tells you to take one thing from each column (e.g. protein, veg, fats etc.) and put it together to make a meal. You also get a fruit option with the 3 plan, and weirdly I’ve been craving apples like I used to crave chocolate, so I’m looking forward to tucking into a big, juicy Pink Lady!

 I didn’t really know what to expect from my first coaching session, I felt a little nervous. I’d had some unpleasant experiences in the past with weight loss groups; like at a particular Slimming World meeting I used to attend, where the two women who used to weigh you would give you disapproving looks and shake their heads if you had not lost any weight that week, and it got worse if you had put on a pound or two. Instead of feeling encouraged to continue and do better the next week, I used to feel like I had let myself down, and feeling miserable I would head home and pick up a takeaway en route. Having gone through this, I assumed that doing a diet on my own with no help would be best; those women had made me view what should have been support as interference. When I joined Ideal Weight I had already come to the realization that losing weight is tough, so having some support (the right support) is so important. I think myself lucky that I have such a great coach, and straight away she made the whole group feel at ease. Meeting the group was nerve-wracking, but once I realized that we were all there with the same goal, I started to relax.

We completed an exercise in the session to try and determine our weight loss journey. We had to draw a road with a fork in it and I had to choose which road to go down. In one road I drew some symbols representing me as someone over weight and unhappy with health problems, but I also drew my engagement ring to show I was happy in my relationship even though I was not happy with myself. I drew some things that represented other areas of my life, before concentrating on the other road, where I put a slimmer me in a wedding dress and a new home with my future husband and our future children. Our coach asked us to say some of the things we had drawn and explain what it meant to us, and then she told us to put some reasons at the cross roads that might stop me from choosing the road i want to go down. I saw people around me scribbling down various words, but only one came to my mind and then I came to understand the meaning of this task, so I wrote in the middle of the fork and put my pen down. When everyone had finished and our coach asked for some of our reasons, I simply said that the only thing standing in my way was me. Who else was going to stop me achieving what I wanted to achieve in my life? The only person who could stand in my way and make those things unobtainable was me, so I had to work hard to keep myself motivated and remember why I want to lose weight. That badly drawn picture is a great visual reminder of what I can do, if I chose to.



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