Drum role please…

Dun, dun, dun, another 2.6lb bites the dust! I cannot believe how awesome I feel right now, the grin on my face is beginning to hurt my cheeks a bit, but hey, it’s worth it. When I look down at those scales and see the numbers going down, its such a satisfying feeling, and then getting praise and congratulations from my coach lifts my spirits to unimaginable levels. People who don’t suffer with their weight could never really understand how exhilarating it feels to work hard all week and see the well-deserved results at the end, and I’ve always felt a bit ashamed to tell people that I am trying to lose weight, but not this time. I now have a weigh in day ritual that is very different to my previous rituals of eating a huge, greasy, calorific takeaway an hour after being weighed. I now get weighed, whoop for joy when I see how well I’ve done, and then I tell people about it. I have become much more open about my weight loss journey (so much so I’m writing it all over the internet!) because I am proud of myself for doing so well. Being overweight has not only given me problems like clothes or health issues, but it has also knocked my confidence down, bit by bit, until there really isn’t that much left anymore, so to be able to speak openly and not hide myself away as I have done so much in the past, is gradually starting to build my confidence level back up again. I think back to when I was my most comfortable weight, and the bubbly, vivacious person I was back then, and that’s the person I aspire to be again. Ok, its been a few years, and instead of a carefree 21 year old, I’m now a settled 28 year old with a mortgage, but that doesn’t mean I can’t regain some of the person I used to be, I’m sure she is still in there somewhere.



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