Oh how I really hate having a cold! I am the worst person to get ill because it annoys me and usually annoys those around me because I don’t stop moaning about it. So having a cold is going to be a challenge, because when I am ill I curl up on the sofa with a duvet, my cat for company and generally surround myself with lots of chocolate, crisps and toast, to “make me feel better”. My poor coach has been bamboozled with stupid questions from me, like ‘can I have Lemsip?’ because I am adamant I am not going to ruin my fantastic progress on the plan because of a stupid cold. So with the support of my coach I have so far managed to resist temptation and stick to the plan. The Meal Matrix has been fantastic to make me feel like I’m having a bit of a normal, stodgy meal, because I have discovered carrot and swede mash, which alone tastes vile, but with a bit of Worcestershire sauce and seasoning tastes amazing!

And another thing that has amazed me is that I actually don’t mind Canderel sweeteners. I planned to cut out coffee completely because the thought of sweeteners made me gag, but after missing a warm drink in the cold weather, I bit the bullet and tried it. Well the first sip always makes me pull a face, but after that, it just feels normal now. Strange what you can get used to.



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