Right, I’ve got to be honest, this week’s weight loss was a real surprise to me. As I mentioned before, I suffer from PCOS, and one of the main symptoms of the condition is erratic or non-existent periods (as well as weight gain L). This week I started my first period in quite a while, so I was ecstatic that the diet was obviously having a good effect on my cycle, but of course, what comes with this is uncomfortable bloating, chronic cramps, generally feeling miserable and the desperate need for comfort. I was very conscious of the fact that being bloated and swollen would work against me on the scales which was getting me down a bit, but I stuck with the plan and tried to trick myself by eating my chocolate truffle bar after my dinner as a ‘naughty’ dessert. I hadn’t experienced this uncomfortable feeling for a while, so my deceitful brain kept telling me that eating chocolate would make me feel so much better. I won’t lie, I did have a couple of chocolate digestives to dunk in my coffee, but luckily my will power took on the challenge and kept me on the straight and narrow, avoiding temptation and pushing me to concentrate on other things. When I stepped on the scales and found I had lost 4.8lb I was gobsmacked! I had lost over 15lb in 3 weeks. That made me feel amazing!



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