More forward planning paid off! I went to Clacton for the day to visit my fiancés grandparents and auntie, so we set off fairly early, and I was armed with a Tesco’s bag containing my shake, shaker, apple, chicken salad, truffle bar and a bottle of water. We had a lovely day, walking along the seafront at Brightlinsea and stopping off for a coffee at the tea hut, then off to my fiancés aunt’s house for a roast dinner. As dinner was cooking I made myself a shake and when dinner was served I put together my chicken salad and tucked in. I didn’t feel left out because I was eating something different, I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and had a few comments on how delicious it looked. Of course, if it was a toss-up between a chicken salad and a roast beef dinner, I cannot say I would most definitely pick the salad, but instead of feeling like I was missing out (as I had felt on previous diets), the thought did not even cross my mind. I munched my lovely Pink Lady apple (slight obsession growing with these apples, they are delish!) while everyone tucked into desserts and on the drive home I polished off my chocolate truffle bar, still feeling slightly stuffed from dinner. I can tell my stomach has shrunk because some days I find it hard to consume all three packs plus a meal, but I know how important it is to have my RDAs, so I always do. When I look at the enormous portions I used to eat to what I eat now, the difference is remarkable. So much so that I find myself watching what people around me eat and their portion sizes too; not that I would start preaching to those people (although spreading the good word of the Ideal Weight is not a bad thing) because it is their choice, just like it is my choice to lose weight, but it does really open your eyes to just how much food we can consume.



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