I have had a really stressful few days, and one of those days resulted in me feeling pretty faint when I got home from work, so I had a can of fizzy drink and ordered a kebab for dinner. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve not been perfect on this plan the whole time, I’ve had a couple of chicken shish kebabs with tons of salad, and when it has arrived I’ve just removed the pitta bread and plonked it on my fiancés plate instead, but this time I felt ill, and in my mind, I needed a sugary drink and a bit of stodge. This was probably complete rubbish, but in the past if I have felt woozy, the first thing I have done is have a sugary drink. Also, the factor of being overweight and having PCOS can lead to diabetes, so I regularly get checked for this and generally put feeling faint down to low blood sugar. But to have been ‘naughty’ this week did not make me feel like a failure, I just carried on with the plan as usual, I was in control and I made a decision. I see my weight loss journey so differently now than I used to, and I know that I can have things that might not be healthy, or as some would call naughty, but it is my decision, no one is forcing me, and I will deal with the consequences of that decision, just like every other decision in life. Losing 1.5lb in a week where I have not been at my best is still a great achievement for me, whereas before I might have thrown the towel in because I had a reason to – I was having a bad week.

We had a very interesting coaching session today which really got my brain ticking. We had to write down all the reasons that we think we overeat, and it was surprising to see the length of the list when we had finished. A whole range of reasons why we overeat, and then we had to pick out the top 5 reasons why we personally overeat. My top 5 were:




Lack of planning

Instant gratification

Instant gratification had never really entered my mind, but when I saw it in black and white I realized that it is definitely something that I do, I will eat something because it tastes good, and I just want those few seconds of happiness while I eat it. Can you get happiness from eating a Double Decker? I used to think so, but not anymore.



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