Firstly, happy 7 year anniversary to my gorgeous fiancé and thanks for being so supportive, you are my rock!

Secondly, before I get onto our lovely meal, I have to tell you about my outfit for dinner tonight. I’m not someone who gets dressed up very often, mostly due to the fact that I can never find flattering clothes, and also because something that I try on might look good one minute, but the next I feel like a whale and want to go and put my pyjamas back on. So, as tonight is a special occasion, I thought I would make a bit of an effort and decided to raid the wardrobe and scour through the handful of dresses that I own. I had bought a simple shift dress about a year before and although I loved the crazy, colourful pattern, it was always a bit snug. I had worn it once and decided that it was for standing functions only, as sitting down caused it to shrink wrap me around the middle. I took it off the hanger and prepared for disappointment as I pulled it over my head, but I was pleasantly surprised as it glided over my tummy and actually hung quite loosely, even the cap sleeves were roomy, rather than feeling tight and uncomfortable like before. Happy, happy, happy face!!

Dinner tonight was fantastic and I was surprised at how easily I made my choices. I am a huge pasta eater (well I was), and so my staple diet at any Italian restaurant consisted of a spaghetti carbonara without fail. Well tonight I actually scanned the menu to see what I would enjoy as a compromise meal. I was surprised to see that the menus had a lot of lighter meal options and each meal had its calorie content beside it. Being sat in a restaurant and knowing your breaking the habit of a lifetime by not ordering your usual meal is quite bizarre, I felt like a different person sitting there, especially in my lovely dress that now flattered rather than shrink wrapped my figure. We ordered our favourite starter of garlic pizza bread with balsamic onions to share, but instead of polishing off my usual half, I ate two small slices and decided that was enough for me. For main I ordered the gorgonzola chicken, still fairly calorific with its creamy cheese sauce, but I avoided my favourite grattan potatoes and ordered a salad with it. It was so filling and when I had had enough, I stopped. Another first for me. Eating everything on my plate has always been a no brainer, but now I have told myself that it’s okay to leave food, I don’t have to make myself uncomfortable by finishing the lot.

When the waitress asked if we wanted dessert I was so full I couldn’t have eaten anything else, even if I’d wanted to. A very successful evening and I felt great for not falling into my own trap of gorging on food to celebrate. I had taken control, and it felt fantastic!



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