Well I was surprised to have lost at all, having been a week of mindlessly picking at things. For some reason, my thought process this week seemed to be, ‘one won’t hurt’. So after one Ferrero Roche, and then one biscuit, and then one of this and one of that, it soon mounts up to being a lot of rubbish. Biscuits seem to be a big thing for me at the moment, it’s like a craving. Every time I’ve sat down with a cup of coffee this week I’ve wanted a biscuit, and if they are nearby, I’ve had one, because ‘one won’t hurt’. That might be true, but when does just one ever really mean just one? Well, I look at this positively that I have lost some weight, no matter how small an amount. At least I didn’t put any on, but I am now going to avoid the temptation to just have one, because it always leads to more.



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