The thought of dealing with Christmas hadn’t entered my mind until we sat down for our coaching session today (Christmas has seemed to spring up on me this year). With the Christmas party coming up and then the festive holiday starting, it suddenly dawned on me that the temptation to overindulge was going to be surrounding me. We discussed our plans for Christmas and how we planned to deal with certain things that we would find difficult, like parties and family meals. I had no big plans for Christmas, just seeing my family and having Christmas dinner at my in-laws, but I had already spoken to my mother-in-law about not overflowing my plate with piles of food. To be honest, all I wanted to do was follow my plan up to Christmas day, enjoy my day without overdoing it on the food, and then get back onto the plan on Boxing Day. Perhaps easier said than done, but that is my plan. If I slip up, then I slip up, but I am going to keep an eye on those scales over the next couple of weeks. My lovely coach said to call her any time over Christmas if I need her, and that gave me comfort to know that she is there for me. That’s the great thing about Ideal Weight, you might be on your own personal journey, but you are never alone along the way.



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