This may sound like a bah humbug moment, but I’m not a huge fan of Christmas (add pantomime boo here), and knowing that Christmas usually revolves around food, I knew this one was going to be tricky. The main function I was concerned about was the office Christmas party, which is today. One minute I was looking at outfits online, and the next, I was adamant I wasn’t going to go. I had lost weight, but my confidence was still low, and the thought of getting dressed up was making my stomach turn. To add to this, a traditional 3 course Christmas meal was being served, along with plenty of booze. I finally RSVP’d and planned to go out and buy a gorgeous dress I’d been looking at, but as the day came closer and closer I started to really panic about it. I didn’t want to be the misery guts that wasn’t eating or drinking, and on the other hand I didn’t want to ruin my hard work to just fit in with everyone else. So I made a decision, I retracted my RSVP, booked the day off and planned to do something so I wouldn’t regret not going to the party. So I organized to spend the day with my auntie who I haven’t seen in a few months; we went shopping and stopped off for a coffee before heading back to her house for a catch up, and it was just what I needed. Straight away she told me how well I looked and she could really see the weight loss. We chatted about the plan I am following and I told her that today was my Christmas party but I wanted to avoid the temptation. She was very encouraging and I knew then that I had definitely made the right decision. I had a lovely day, and that was all that matters.



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