I’ve spent all morning in the kitchen, something very uncommon for me! My fiancé is working today, so I thought it would be nice to make some Christmas hampers for our family. The kitchen looks like a flour bomb has gone off, and I believe I may have used every spoon that I own, but I’ve managed to put together some nice nibbles and treats for everyone to enjoy on Christmas day. Luckily I made truffles which I don’t like myself, so I was not tempted in any way to eat them, but the delicious savoury and sweet palmiers I made look too good, so I had one of each, along with a slightly overcooked chocolate chip shortbread. In my defence, I think I’ve burnt off a few hundred calories by whirling around the kitchen to Kisstory tunes on the radio, but everything is now wrapped up in little cellophane bundles and tied with ribbon to stop me nicking any!



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