My aim was to have lost 2 stone by Christmas, and as I stepped onto the scales I felt my heart stop for a second. I had been monitoring my weight at home, but knowing my scales and my coaches scales differed by a pound or two, I wasn’t sure how accurate my reading was. I had lost another 3lb, which left me just 1/2lb away from my 2 stone target. Even though I was short of my target, I was really pleased with that result. I was so proud of myself, and I knew that I could lose that 1/2lb over the next few days and hit my target comfortably over Christmas. I excitedly text my fiancé, mum and mother-in-law (as was now becoming a weigh-in day ritual) to tell them the good news, and like my little cheerleaders, they all sent me back encouraging messages of congratulations which gave me a real boost.



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