The day has come finally come! I hopped on the scales today to keep an eye on things, and low behold, I have reached my 2 stone goal! So, this definitely deserves a present to celebrate.

I keep seeing these adverts on the telly about a woman who has reinvented the Cambridge satchel and is selling them in funky colours and designs, and I have been longing for one for a while now. So, I have ordered myself one online, and it should be arriving in the next few weeks once it has been made. I am like an excited little child as I tell my fiancé about it (who acts interested, but bless him, I know he really couldn’t care less about a bag). The reason I like the idea of buying myself these little gifts is because I wouldn’t just go and buy myself something like this as I would see it as too extravagant to buy without a special reason attached to it. Also, it’s something that will remind me of how well I have done on my weight loss journey; it has a special meaning to me. Now I just have to wait patiently for it to arrive.



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