Today threw me a bit of a curve ball. I wanted to buy a few new tops, jeans, jumpers and so on, but didn’t want to spend too much money because I might have to buy them all again in a few months when I have lost more weight, so I headed to my local Asda to raid their clothes section for some inexpensive bits and bobs to tide me over. When my arms were full of clothes (I had the same item in three sizes as I wasn’t sure what size I am), I headed to the changing rooms, only to be greeted with a sign saying that it was closed. Not wanting to go home empty handed (and seeing as I had thrown my baggy bum jeans away), I had to roughly guess what would fit by holding it up to my body and studying it in the mirror. I settled on a few items and headed to pay, knowing that if they didn’t fit I could just return them again. I was pleased that the two pairs of jeans fitted me beautifully (both a size smaller than I used to be!) and several of the jumpers and tops fitted (again, all a size smaller than I was). A couple of tops were a bit snug and one or two I just plain didn’t like, so I bagged them up to be returned, but headed out for dinner with my in-laws wearing a new outfit and feeling fabulous!

However, I do confess that I have overindulged to an extent the past few days, what with chocolates and biscuits being offered when visiting people and the occasional spare of the moment dinner out. But I have been keeping an eye on the scales which I think has helped me limit myself; I’ve not gone mad, but I’ve not stuck to the plan either. I’ve not had a problem having my packs in the daytime, I don’t seem to get tempted, but in the evening it can sometimes go a bit off track. Still, I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I made the decision, so I’ve got to deal with the consequences. I think getting back to work will be good for me, I’ll be back in my routine which I think I need right now.



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