It’s always encouraging when a friend or family member notices you are losing weight, especially when they didn’t know you are on a diet. But when someone you haven’t seen in a while comments on how good you look, that really is a great feeling, and takes some getting used to.

I was making my cottage pie in the kitchen at work today, when I heard a sharp intake of breath, followed by ‘Oh my God Kim, how much weight have you lost? You look fantastic!’ A former colleague who had popped in to see us all was standing behind me with her mouth open wide in shock. We figured out it had been about a month since we had last seen each other, and from her reaction, the weight loss was very noticeable. I felt really pumped after that meeting; it was so lovely to see her, and for her to make me feel so great about myself was like being given a gift.

With a new lease of determination to reach my goals, I headed down to my computer and searched the Coast website for a dress I had been admiring for a few weeks. It is completely different to anything I would ever wear, and I think that is the reason I like it so much. I have been telling myself that I would buy a beautiful dress from Coast for my cousins wedding since I started the plan, but I had started to doubt myself over the past week, so with this new found spring in my step, and a little encouragement from my friend sat next to me, I ordered the gorgeous satin dress in a size smaller than I currently am. In the past I have called people who do this sort of thing mental, but now I can understand why they do it, it’s an incentive. That dress is a visual incentive for me; its real and I can see it every time I open the wardrobe, but I’ve got to work hard to ensure it fits on the day.

When it arrives I’ll post a photo of it for you all to see, it really is beautiful .



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