After talking with my coach about the fact that my focus is a bit fuzzy at the moment, I’ve decided to take it back to basics, so I’m going to be following the 4 plan this week to get myself back into the routine and cut out all temptations. The reason for this is because I am picking at chocolate and other snacks, and because I’m still losing weight (just!) I seem to think that I can just continue doing it. This isn’t about my weight loss, but more about retraining my brain to follow the plan. I don’t want to let this snacking escalate until, before I know it, I’ve piled on the weight I have lost. My coach asked me a question today, and my response was quite a surprise to me. She asked me what would I do if I failed at losing weight. My immediate response was to throw my head back dramatically and exclaim loudly ‘I’d be so miserable!’ And thinking about it, I know this is true, I would be devastated to have worked so hard and know it was my fault that its gone wrong. So, my plan of action is to follow the 4 plan for a week and get my focus back.

I also have a little incentive that arrived in the post today – the fabulous dress I ordered for my cousins wedding. I tried it on, and the gap at the back is huge, but it did not deter me. I put it on a hanger and hung it on my wardrobe door, so I can look at it and see my goal any time I like. With that beautiful dress to aim for, my focus is already getting back on track.



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