Day 3 of the 4 plan and I am feeling hungry and grumpy! It seems like everyone around me is talking about food, although I know this is more psychological than truth, I feel like everything is revolving around food at the moment. I’ve cancelled going to a friend’s birthday meal because I don’t want to eat, and although I do feel positive, I’m still finding it tough. So, with a panic e-mail to my coach, she was on the phone to me about 10 minutes later, providing a way to combat those feelings. She explained to me that at this point in the 4 plan (day 3) it is not that my body is craving food, it is purely psychological. That made me feel better as I had already identified this, so it already seemed easier to deal with. My coach told me to get a piece of paper on my desk and draw 3 columns and label them; the first ‘Thoughts & Feelings’, the second ‘How can I think differently’ and the third ‘How do I feel now?’

My coach explained that I should write down how I am feeling and what I am thinking, so if I feel like I want to eat rubbish, then write it down. She then told me to write down how I could think differently about the way I feel, and once I had done this, write down how I felt now. Being a realist, my coach told me that she didn’t expect this exercise to suddenly make all my cravings go away and that I would feel amazing, but it's a literal way of identifying my feelings and taking control of how to deal with them. This exercise was really helpful, as I immediately wrote down how I felt (very literally!) and how I could think differently to deal with it. The result wasn’t that I felt wonderful, I still felt grumpy and deprived, but I had my goals in mind again and I felt more in control. I have kept the piece of paper tucked in my notebook on my desk so if I need to use it again, its there for me, and to reflect on the way I was feeling.

P.S. Another good way to combat feeling grumpy and miserable is to go out on your lunch break and buy a killer pair of heels! I’ve not worn heels for about 6 years, mainly because they hurt my feet, but also because being overweight made me feel to unfeminine to wear them. Well after trying on these beautiful black suede platforms and realizing they were incredibly comfortable, I just had to treat myself.



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