snow day fun

Seeing as any plans I had for the weekend had to be cancelled due to the snow, I was left with not a lot to do today. So, armed with my wellies (that are now slightly loose around my calves, rather than me having to fight them on!) and several layers of clothing, my fiancé and I headed to my parents house (luckily only down the road) to see my family. My elder brothers were there, along with my 2-year-old nephew who absolutely loves the snow, so we headed across the road to the snow covered fields and had a great snowball fight! My nephew was of course the winner, with his little growl as he threw a tiny snowball at your knee, but we all had a great time acting like kids again.

I was surprised at how much energy I had; usually I wouldn’t get involved with things like this, fearing that I would get tired too quickly or end up falling over, but I was running around all over the place, trying to avoid being pelted by everyone, and being chased by my growling nephew, who for someone with such little legs can really move fast! I felt full of life and exhilarated when we headed home (much to my nephews woe, as he cried the whole way back!) I was still full of energy later in the day when we visited my fiancés parents and took their hyperactive Spaniel puppy for a walk in the snow.This would usually feel laborious for me, and I would always have some excuse because my back or knees or something would be hurting. But this time I really loved bouncing around in the cold (and was it cold!!!) with an excited pup circling my feet. I felt great today, and I do put it down to having lost weight, because I don’t feel as heavy and lethargic as I used to. I’m lighter on my feet and I definitely have bags more energy. Bring on the snow!



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