I lost 3.3lb this week, which was a lovely number to see after my last few weeks of just losing a pound. I stuck with the 4 plan for 4 days but ended up doing the 3 plan for the weekend, as I really needed a warm dinner to thaw me out! Not far away from 2.5 stone now Laughing

 Coaching was interesting today – we spoke and learnt about recognition. It's a human trait to want recognition, and my coach gave the example of driving down the road and letting someone through a narrow gap. We expect them to thank us, and when they do, we feel good because of the recognition for what we have done, but if they don’t say thank you, we get annoyed at the fact that we have been ignored. I get this a lot, and it really does bother me when something as silly as opening a door for someone isn’t recognized. It sometimes makes me sad because I feel like I must be invisible, people don’t even take a second to make eye contact and say thanks. This session kept me thinking for most of the day, as we spoke about how some people (and I’m included in this one!) deflect recognition and will not accept it. For instance, my coach gave another member of the group a compliment about her lovely necklace, and she instantly dismissed it by saying it was very old. My coach explained that we need to be more receptive to all these different types of recognition, as losing weight and changing the way you look will obviously attract attention, both good and bad. I am the worst person to accept a compliment because of my lack of self-esteem, but after this session I am going to be more receptive to the recognition I receive, and remember to thank people instead of rejecting their comments. Thinking back over the last few weeks I’ve had some really lovely comments from my family, friends and colleagues about how great I look, about a new item of clothing I’m wearing or just a general compliment about me, but I don’t think I ever said thank you to those people. I would pull a face and turn the positive comment into a negative, like how losing weight is costing me a fortune buying new clothes. If any of those people who gave me those awesome comments are reading this entry, I want to say a big THANK YOU! Smile

 BTW, I have another dreaded cold, so I’m living on Lemsip and trying to resist diving into the bread bin to make some warm, buttery toast. Food really is involved in every emotional aspect of my life – from feeling sick, to feeling happy and celebrating with a meal, to feeling upset and wanting to dive into the Ben & Jerry’s tub. This has definitely got to change.


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