My hairdresser came over last night for my six-weekly (or thereabouts) cut and colour, and after a good old natter about our families, work, the flipping snow last week, and generally putting the world to rights, my dark roots and flat layers were transformed to my usual bouncy, blonde waves. As she packed away her kit, she gave my hair a flick with her hand and said ‘Your hair is so perfect. It’s just the right thickness, its in such lovely condition, you really look after it well.’ Instantly, I pulled a face and was just about to exclaim ‘You wouldn’t say that if you saw how much hairspray and dry shampoo I use!’ but I stopped myself, remembering my coaching session last week. Instead, I smiled, and said ‘thank you.’ It felt very strange accepting a compliment, and I realized that I couldn’t look her in the eye and say it, it really is not something I’m not used to doing, but I am determined to do it more often because after my awkwardness had gone, it did feel really good.



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