I was really happy to have lost a pound this week – not only because this week has been hard to get back into the swing of things, but also because this has officially taken me over my 2 stone loss target. Happy happy happy face! After waking up in a mood this morning, I now feel extremely pleased with myself. My coach was very supportive and asked me why I thought I was struggling to get back into the swing of things so much. I wasn’t sure, but at the end of our session today it was pretty clear.

We discussed our targets today – what we wanted to achieve from our weight loss journey and when we wanted to achieve it by. My first main aim was to lose 3 stone by the end of March for my cousins wedding, and I knew this was achievable as I had already shed two thirds of that weight, but when we got into talking about it, my coach showed us that the reason we were all dragging our heels a bit was because we were all aiming for goals that were quite far off, so in our minds, we had plenty of time to get there. Because of this, whether consciously or not, we were looking at weeks where we didn’t do so well as not much of an issue, as we had so much time to reach our goals. So, the solution is to set smaller goals that are not too far away, almost like milestones (like we do when reaching each stone loss). I have set myself a target of 10lb loss by 4th February, 4 weeks from now, and I know that is a realistic goal. Again, the only thing that will stop me getting there is me, so I also need to start believing in myself and telling myself that I can do it. I also realized from my chat with my coach that the reason I was finding it hard to adjust back into the routine was because I was pushing my boundaries. This means that because I didn’t stick to the plan very well over Christmas, but I didn’t put any weight on, its triggered a kind of crooked thought process in mind, where I think, ‘well, I ate all those sweets and didn’t put on weight. So maybe I can keep being just a bit naughty, and I won’t put on weight.’ Obviously I know this isn’t right, but being on this plan has really shown me how sometimes your mind can really work against you. So, now that I’ve identified the problem, it’s down to me to rectify it, and that means taking control and remembering why I am doing this, and to constantly reminding myself of my goals.



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