scales blog iw feb13

This week I have definitely felt more in control than I have done since Christmas. I’ve planned my meals better, I’ve ensured a variety of food, so not just chicken salads like I had been doing, and I’ve been much more focused on my goals. I’ve been receiving some lovely compliments from my family which I’m pretty used to now, they are so encouraging, but I’ve also received lots of compliments from people I haven’t seen for a while and from work colleagues. Walking into the office this morning a colleague of mine told me how nice I looked and it really gave me a boost.

I used to think when people complimented me on looking nice before, it was because they felt sorry for me because I was overweight and thought I might need a boost, a pity compliment. I thought it was along the lines of those backhanded compliments I used to get of, "you’ve got such a lovely face". But I’m accepting compliments more these days because I believe they are genuine, I guess its because my confidence is improving so much that I’m not always feeling defensive when people are being nice to me.

Something I have noticed that I’m doing and I have to curb is weighing myself constantly. It started with just keeping an eye on my weight, and it was particularly handy over Christmas as I did not have any meetings or weigh-ins for 2 weeks, but now its becoming a bit of an obsession. The fact that my scales and the scales that I get weighed on every week are different obviously shows different readings, but I planned the difference and kept this in my mind so I could keep a track at home with a rough guestimate. Well I felt pretty miserable when I weighted myself this morning at home and found I had put on a pound! Luckily I reminded myself constantly that my scales were completely different to the Ideal Weight ones, so didn’t dwell on it and looked forward to being weighed by my coach. It just goes to show that having those scales lurking at home can be a major mind messer, because I lost 3lb this week. Lesson learnt, resist the scales, or if I can’t, I’ll get rid of them completely!



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