Blog Keeping Busy

During my time on the Ideal Weight programme it has become very apparent that I snack because I am bored. I was having a conversation with my mother-in-law a few nights ago about when we both quit smoking and how the weight piled on from that time. We came to the conclusion that we replaced the hand motion of moving a cigarette to and from out lips with the motion of moving food to and from our lips instead. It just felt like a normal thing to do.

I don’t really think about food during the day as I have my routine planned, and obviously my mind is occupied with my work, so dwelling on food doesn't even come into my mind. The evenings at home are a different matter entirely, and although I am usually very busy when I get home, I have noticed a few times over the past weeks where I have been sitting watching a film, and the temptation to go and grab a pot of Pringles or some ice-cream starts to creep into my mind. My solution to this is to keep busy, especially my hands, so I have been doing a lot of my favourite pass time, painting! I find that I don’t really think about snacking while I’m keeping my mind and my hands busy, and I get a piece of artwork that I’m proud of too Laughing



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