Well I knew this day would come at some stage during my journey, and although I sort of expected it, I still feel very sad. I put on just over half a pound this week. Now I know this isn’t the end of the world and it's a very small amount, but it’s still a gain, and it’s still hard to deal with, even when you know you are the only person to blame for it.

I’ve had a tough week in many different aspects, and like I have said before, I can find it really difficult to deal with my mind and its crooked thoughts when I’m not feeling 100% on the ball. So, because of this, this week has been a disaster food wise, and I am now going to pay the price. So what do I do about it? I spoke with my coach and explained that I had been having a real mental battle this week (and unfortunately I seemed to be losing!) and I needed something to focus my energy on. She suggested that I try a few different forms of exercise and see if any of them make me feel better and boost my mood.

My sister-in-law was desperately trying to talk me into taking up kickboxing classes with her at the weekend; the thought of being in an exercise class with a group of skinny women (my sister-in-law included) made me feel sick, so I politely declined, making up excuses that I don’t think my knees could take it. After my chat with my coach I text my sister-in-law and said I would love to start taking the class with her. She was thrilled and is currently booking up our first session at a local class. Just the fact that I have agreed to take the class has boosted me slightly, knowing that I am taking charge and making plans to combat my low mood makes me feel a bit more positive.



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