After a very insightful coaching session about how to recognise and combat stress, and a great one-on-one chat with my coach about my current low mood, exercise came up several times as a really good stress reliever. Little did my coach know that my sister-in-law had been badgering me the previous weekend about joining a specific class with her, one that made me instantly refuse at just the idea! But, with a new found determination, I decided to give it a go. So last night was my first kickboxing class!

Like anything else, I arrived and instantly wanted to spin on my heel and head out of the door. Being one of only three women in the class, the 15+ men there were all athletic, toned and quite intense looking. Eeek! Obviously I was the biggest one there (this is always my first observation), and having not taken part in any form of exercise for a few years, I was really starting to panic that I was going to fall over or pass out, completely embarrassing myself in front of everyone.

Not thinking my outfit through very well, I ended up sprinting circuits to warm up with my arm pressed over my chest, averting a premature black eye, and with my free hand tugging my leggings up every few metres, but, to my surprise, I was doing it. Ok, so after the 15 minute warm up I felt like I was going to die, and seeing myself in the dojo mirrors bouncing around all over the place was extremely embarrassing, but once that part was done, we went on to learn some moves that we eventually put together into a routine before getting the pads out and practicing it. I actually felt good, I was doing the same as everyone else, there was no need for me to take it easier because I’m big, I was as much a student as everyone else, and that felt really great, I was finally feeling like I fitted in. Of course today I feel like I’ve done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson, and even typing this blog is making my arms ache and fingers cramp (?!?!), but I’m so glad I gave it a go, and I’m looking forward to next weeks session with a new found confidence. I just need to go and get some suitable attire now…



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