Blog Valentines

Sometimes the best-laid plans never go how they should, and that is exactly what happened last night when going for a meal with my fiancé. I had pre-booked a table at the Italian restaurant we went to for our anniversary, so I knew the menu would suit my needs, and I had a nice outfit planned out, reading to make myself look and feel great.

I put my dress on and instantly felt fat. All I could see was my belly poking out, although not as much as before, but it was still there, and it was annoying me. To add to this, my lovely tights I had bought especially, with their delicate little scattered sparkles, were massive, so I had to keep yanking them up every time I moved.

My fiancé sat quietly watching me as I stomped and got agitated, when he suddenly stood up, guided me into the bedroom and told me to put on something more comfortable, otherwise I wouldn’t enjoy the evening.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, he really is one in a million trillion! So, instead of the dress and annoying tights, I opted for my red skinny jeans (in keeping with Valentines day I thought!) and a nice blouse, finished with my killer platform heels for their maiden voyage. I felt fantastic, especially when my fiancé told me how great I looked.

Feeling more relaxed, we arrived at the restaurant and were shown to our table, before being handed the special Valentines Day menus. I scanned it briefly and noticed there was nothing on there that was calorie conscious, so I asked for the normal menu. The waitress replied that they were not cooking the normal menu tonight, it was only the dishes on the special Valentines Day menu! AAARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!! My stress levels went through the roof! No salads available at all, my choices consisted of 4 pizzas, 4 creamy pasta dishes or burger and chips!!

I felt so upset that I hadn’t been told there was a different menu when I booked the table (and I told the waitress that too! She didn’t seem too bothered). So what did I do? I threw the towel in, ordered a glass of wine and a spaghetti carbonara.

I know I will regret it when it comes to being weighed, and although I wholeheartedly blame the restaurant for not telling me the menu had changed, its something I’ve got to accept and move on from. The main thing was, I had a lovely evening with my fiancé, and although I was annoyed, I feel determined to carry on with my kickboxing classes next week and get into shape, so my focus was not deterred due to this hiccup.



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