Had another pretty rubbish week, and unfortunately I put on 1.1lb Sad I was expecting it because all my forward planning went out of the window this week, and when I sat down this morning and tried to figure out where it had all gone wrong, I came to the conclusion that my priorities had changed.

Where following the plan and losing weight has been the top of my priority list since I started Ideal Weight back in October, this week the priority totem pole has altered slightly, what with other things like family taking the top spot. I don’t see that this is a permanent alteration, because I already feel that I’m back in the zone and following the plan is back to number 1, but I find it interesting to see how these small changes can have such a drastic effect on my day-to-day life.

I had a good chat with my coach, and she told me not to beat myself up because my priorities changed, its natural, that’s life after all! But she also told me that I need to make sure my focus stays on me and my well-being, instead of worrying so much about others that I end up forgetting about myself, or worse, not caring about myself. I know that this is definitely something I have done in the past, and I know it could be a routine that I easily slip back into. So, I’ve got to keep my focus, make sure that my main priority is following the plan, and ultimately thinking of myself before others.

Part of a recent coaching session popped into my mind, and although at the time I felt like it wasn’t really the sort of thing I would do, I’ve come to the conclusion that maybe it’s something I need to try. My coach explained about how reciting mantras can be a really powerful tool, and although I’m a bit of a skeptic and feel completely ridiculous doing things like this, I thought that maybe it was worth a go. I knew what my mantra should be straight away, and so when I had made sure the coast was clear in the ladies bathroom at work, I recited my mantra out loud, in front of the mirror. Food is not the solution, food is not the solution, food is not the solution. I’m not sure if this sort of thing works or not, but when I met up with my mum for a coffee at lunchtime, I bought her a dirty great slice of cappuccino cake and didn’t even feel the urge to get one for myself. Only time will tell if it does work, but I’m willing to give anything a try.



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