It just goes to show that having the right mental attitude really does have an amazing affect when you are trying to lose weight. After a couple of bad weeks where I put on a smidge of weight, I was so happy to step onto the scales this morning and be told that I had lost 3lb. And obviously my latest exercise class is proving a winner, as I feel great too!

I have set myself some strict short-term goals, which I think have helped me stay focused:

  • The first was to lose at least 7lbs by the 15th March
  • The second was to lost at least 12lb overall before 29th March

I can now knock 3lb off that target! A good start Smile

This week will be a bit challenging, so I’m getting my forward planning in gear now so I don’t leave myself in the lurch when the time comes. On Thursday evening I’m driving to Nottingham to see my favorite musician and the best guitarist on the planet, Slash, so I’m very excited but apprehensive about the 5 hour round trip.

So, I’m planning to take my shake and bar to snack on in the car, along with some fruit and plenty of water. Gone are the days of going to see and concert and eating, what I would refer to, as a dirty burger, from a greasy stall outside. I’m planning a good filling meal before we set off, and hopefully I’ll be too excited and energetic to worry about eating.

I’m so looking forward to a few days off work, but in a weird way, I do feel a bit vulnerable not having the security blanket of my daily routine to rely on. When I’m at work I know when I’m going to have my shake about 9.30, then my cottage pie at lunchtime between 1 and 2, then I have my chocolate bar at about 3.30 with a cup of coffee. With the things I have planned over my time off, it’s not going to be convenient to make up my packs or start chomping on a chocolate bar while out and about, so I’ve got to make sure I am fully prepared.



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