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My happiness was pretty obvious when I stepped onto the scales and realized that I had shed another 4lb. I felt amazing and my grin was testament to that. I was a miniscule 1lb away from a total 3 stone loss, and I felt so fabulous!

I had the day off work and had planned a trip to the Tate Modern to see an exhibition of works by my all time favourite artist, Roy Lichtenstein, so with a spring in my step and my iPod on shuffle, I headed to the station, still grinning away to myself. Bizarrely when I took a seat on the train and the carriage began to fill up, I noticed something that might sound a bit strange. Before, when I used to work in London and travel on the train every day, I used to find it really uncomfortable sitting in the carriage, sardined between people. I would be wedged between two people, having to tuck my arms into my lap because my size would mean I was bigger than the space the chair provided. I used to hate it, getting all hot and bothered, and the funny part is, I used to get annoyed with those sitting next to me, nudging me and shifting around. I never thought that maybe they were annoyed with me for being fat and taking up part of their seat too! This time I sat on the seat and two people sat either side of me, I didn’t feel like I had to squeeze my arms together, or try and hold myself in. I felt comfortable for a change.

Anyone who knows me knows that my sense of direction is horrific, so it was no surprise that coming out of St. Paul’s station and checking my iPhone map, I ended up walking about half a mile in the wrong direction. Luckily realizing my mistake, I changed course and within 10 minutes I was wandering across the Millennium Bridge in the sunshine, admiring the views.

I didn’t want my walk around the exhibition to end, it was so wonderful, and although I had had several offers of company for the day from friends and family, I was so glad to have gone alone. I felt completely relaxed, taking in all the amazing pieces in my own quite reverence, and although I felt sad that I had reached the end, I still felt exhilarated to be heading to my next destination, Leicester Square to meet my friend for lunch.

I had planned to jump back on the tube to Leicester Square, but wanting to make the most of the beautiful, crisp day, I decided to walk to meet my friend, having mastered reading my iPhone map. Although my legs felt a bit achy, I arrived in Leicester Square to meet my friend and headed for lunch and a good old catch up, where we figured out that my combined walks to the Tate Modern and the Leicester Square, including my detour the wrong way, resulted in me having walked over 4 miles.

That is something I could never have done this time last year, and that felt like a real accomplishment on my part. Perhaps now I will take up walking as another one of my exercise regimes as I really enjoyed it!



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