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My great start to the week unfortunately didn’t continue, but this was mainly because I have felt really ill for the past few days. No excuses, food is not the answer, but why is it when you feel rotten you assume that some rubbishy food will make it all better?

I still struggle with this. I’ve changed the way I think about other emotional eating, like instead of gorging on a huge, over-the-top meal for a celebration, I’m happy to stick to what I know is good for me now, because I’m actually happier this way. I can’t seem to get out of that mindset of food making me feel better though. It’s something for me to work on, and at least I am recognizing it now, so that’s a start.

As I’ve mentioned before, I suffer from PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome), and from time to time I get dull abdominal pains because of this. This week I’ve had constant pains which have been both dull and sharp at different intervals, so as you can imagine, I feel drained and generally fed up.

I had to miss kickboxing this week which really upset me as I enjoy it so much, but the thought of being punched in the stomach or having to do crunches made me feel sick.

The change in my routine has also made me feel rubbish, and knowing I haven’t exercised put me in a bad mood. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better next week and ready to get back into the swing of things. I’m not too hopeful about losing weight this week though, because all I seem to want to eat is malted milk biscuits dunked into my coffee. I have caved slightly with this, but not to a drastic extent. I must remember my mantra – food is not the answer.



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