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Wow, what a day!

It was only when I was sitting on the train into London that I suddenly thought to myself, what am I doing?!?! I was about to parade around in front of crowds of complete strangers, wearing a dress and heels (so far removed from my comfort zone!) and tell everyone how much weight I had lost, while standing beside a cardboard cut out of my fatter self. Was I mad?!?!

On the verge of a panic attack, not helped much by the fact I was trussed up in control tights and a body contouring slip that made me look like a seal, my phone suddenly bleeped with a Facebook message from my friend wishing me luck, and telling me how proud she was of me. That made me smile. I also recalled a lovely message I received on Facebook the evening before from an avid reader of my blog wishing me luck, which was really awesome.

After a few more messages and texts from family and friends, I was feeling a lot more confident as I strolled into Earls Court and straight over to the lovely ladies at the Benefit stand who were doing my make up for me.

Well, I have never felt so pampered in my entire life! After about 20 minutes I was transformed into this glamorous women who I didn’t recognise, before I was whisked off to have my hair fluffed by a lovely stylist who told me what great condition my hair was in. The positive strokes were coming at me thick and fast, and instead of batting them away like I used to, I gratefully accepted the compliments with a smile. I could get used to this treatment

After a few minutes practice in the incredibly high heels, I was suddenly stood behind the stage waiting to hear my name announced. My stomach was turning at this point, but I took a deep breath and thought of all my lovely supporters who were rooting for me. Before I knew it I was strutting my stuff in front of the applauding audience with a huge, silly grin on my face. I felt incredible! My nerves had disappeared and I was loving every minute of telling the audience all about my journey so far and how great the Ideal Weight has been for me.

After my stint on the stage I went over to the Ideal Weight stand to have a chat with people wanting to know more about the plans, and I suddenly noticed the before and after cut outs of me plastered on the stand wall! I think that was when I finally saw how well I was doing, I could finally see that the weight was coming off for myself. When you look at yourself in the mirror every day its difficult to notice the changes, but seeing a life size before and after picture of yourself, side by side, you can definitely see it.

After another two stints on the stage and speaking to some really lovely people on the stand, my first day at the Ideal Home Show was over, and it seemed to have whizzed by. I was very grateful to take my shoes off and sink by feet back into my comfy biker boots for the journey home, and when I checked my phone I had lots of messages of encouragement and people asking to see pictures of my transformation. When I think back to a year ago, there is no way I could possibly have done something like this, I would never of had the confidence. Not only is Ideal Weight helping me lose weight, but its also helping me gain confidence, a great combination!

I’m not back at the Ideal Home Show until Thursday 21st March, but if you are at the show anytime, pop by the Ideal Weight stand or go see the Ideal Weight catwalk show and give the ladies and gents there your support. I hope to see you thereLaughing



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