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I had such a fantastic time at my friend’s baby shower today (if you are reading this my lovely, you are blossoming!), but how I refused such amazing party food and beautiful cupcakes I will never know. My willpower is stronger than I give credit for! Although, when I got stuck in traffic on the way home and my stomach was rumbling like a caged animal, I did succumb to the tempting smell of a cookie that was poking out of my goody bag. The fabulous party hostess felt bad that I couldn’t eat anything (bless her), and kept offering me celery and carrot sticks, but I was quite full up from my lunch, so happily declined.

I spoke to a lot of people at the baby shower about my weight loss; my confidence boost from yesterday was obviously still there. After a lot of congratulations and some very encouraging words from them all, a lot of them told me how they think they would struggle living on such small portions of the nutrition packs, and not much ‘real’ food, and I found myself telling them all about how its very psychological, and getting your brain in the right place makes weight loss so much easier.

After speaking to lots of people at the Ideal Home Show, it’s very obvious that they all suffer from the same concerns about being on a plan like this. Money is always a big issue, as well as the lack of what people refer to as ‘real’ food. I shared all these concerns when I started on the plan, so I can sympathise with them. I think what made me finally commit to the plan and take charge was sitting down and seriously weighing up the pros and cons.

Ok, it does cost you money to do the plan and for the coaching, but when I weighed it up against the amount of money I was spending on takeaways each week, I was actually saving money, as well as gaining much needed support. I looked at the size of the packs and thought I would die if I only ate that every day, but again it was a choice I had to make, because there is no way I would lose weight eating the amount of food I was consuming on a daily basis, plus I do eat real food, proper food, once a day, and I feel so much better for having a healthy meal instead of a takeaway or carb-filled meal. These packs have all the nutrients that I need, so I had to take the size of the meal out of the equation because I know it has everything I need in one easy-to-make pack.

My recent talks with people about weight loss really has proved the point to me; you need to be mentally prepared and willing to undertake a weight loss programme, otherwise it just will not work. That is where I have gone wrong so many times in the past, but now I have such a clearer outlook on how to manage weight loss, and armed with this new found knowledge and understanding, I know that my goals are very achievable.



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