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As you may remember, I had a moment of madness a few months ago and bought myself a beautiful dress from Coast for my cousins wedding, which was two sizes too small for me. Well, typically, it still doesn’t quite fit, so I started to get a bit panicked when I realized that the wedding is only two weeks away!

With my ever supportive fiancé behind the wheel, we drove to the nearest shopping area in a hunt for the perfect dress. Obviously still being a big girl, I can’t just stroll into any old shop and grab a dress off the rail, I still have to pick and choose the shops I visit, although as the weight is coming off, the options are becoming broader.

After exhausting my options and feeling a bit peeved, my fiancé directed me back to the car and took me to a much larger shopping centre with much more variety. I’m still in between sizes at the moment, so in one shop one size would fit, in the next I would need the size up or down. Unfortunately I think that is something that women just have to deal with, whether you are losing weight or not, so I was determined not to get annoyed if I had to buy the size up, its how I felt in the dress that mattered. So, I finally found a beautiful pink lace dress in Dorothy Perkins that slipped on nicely and felt really lovely to wear. Sold!

My fiancé was happy that I wouldn’t be dragging him around any more dress shops and I was happy to finally have something that I think I look good in. In a way, I think I like it more than the Coast dress, but I’m sure I’ll fit into that one soon.Laughing



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