Blog catwalk 

I was looking forward to today’s catwalk at the Ideal Home Show, but I was a little apprehensive. My mum, eldest brother and his fiancée were coming to see me, and although I had nothing to be nervous about, I still felt a little anxious as I sat at the lovely Benefit stand getting my make up done.

It’s been almost a week since my last catwalk, so I think the nerves had returned in that time, but when I stepped out in front of the audience and saw my family sitting there cheering, I felt really fantastic!

When I spoke to them afterwards, my brother told me that he had welled up with tears when I first appeared on the catwalk, they were all beaming with pride at how well I was doing in my weight loss, and how great I looked in my outfit. I held up well in my incredibly high heels thankfully, and my never-ending worries of falling over in them were starting to disappear.

After my family had left, the hours whizzed by on the Ideal Weight stand. I got to speak to some really lovely people, and it felt great to be able to discuss my weight loss journey with them, because as we talked, so many of their habits (eating when bored, eating junk food to save time, looking after others before themselves) were exactly the same as mine before I started the plan.

I hope in some way that our brief chats will help them to take the next step and join the Ideal Weight, and maybe some of them will be sharing the catwalk stage with me this time next year Smile



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