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Another day at the Ideal Home Show and on the Ideal Weight catwalk, and I must say, it’s strange what you can get used to. As most of you have probably guessed from pictures and other entries on this blog, I’m not very girly. I live in my Dr. Martens and biker boots, I never wear dresses and very rarely wear make up, so once the shock of having a full face of make up on every day and clicking around in giant platform heels, weirdly, I’m kind of getting used to it!

The gorgeous Amy-Lou from Benefit has managed to engage my interest in make up, something that hasn’t interested me since my teens, and thanks to the fact that she is incredibly talented and makes me look amazing every time I sit down in her chair, I found myself suddenly making a mental list of items I’m going to buy on my last day so I can give it a go myself.

With little tips that she has given me, I feel confident that I can actually do a half decent job, so I’m looking forward to trying. The fabulous hair stylist Gareth is a whizz at making my hair lusciously curly with his trusty straightening irons, something I’m sure I will struggle to do myself, but I feel like I want to give it a go now that I’ve seen how great it looks.

I want to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to the fabulous Gareth for making my hair look amazing, and the gorgeous Amy-Lou and her Benefit colleagues for reawaking my girly side, you’ve really given me a boost in confidence to pay a little bit more attention to my appearance and embrace my feminine side.

I had a great time chatting to people on the Ideal Weight stand today, and even got talking to the wife of an old work colleague of mine – small world!

The encouragement people are giving me, even perfect strangers who saw me on the catwalk, is truly amazing, and really spurs me to carry on.

Some people are skeptical when they see out delicious chocolate and cereal bars on offer as tasters, unable to believe that chocolate is part of a weight loss programme, but when they take a look at me and see my before picture plastered on the wall, they see that this is no gimmick, this really does work.

It’s hard to describe how elated I feel when the day is over and I’m heading home on the train, a grin plastered across my face as I mentally recap on the day’s events, the people I’ve spoken to and the tremendous feeling out on that catwalk. I’ve said to the audience before when I’ve been on the catwalk, it does sound cheesy, but the Ideal Weight has changed my life – not only am I losing weight, but I’ve also made some great new friends in my group, I’ve got the most supportive and encouraging coach I could ever ask for, and I’m learning more and more about myself every week.

This is without doubt the best thing I have ever done in my life, and I’ve set myself a goal for next years Ideal Home Show – to be standing on that catwalk again, but this time having lost a total of 6 stone. Watch this space!



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