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I cannot believe my last day at the show is here! I’ve had such a great time, its been so much fun, and the thought that hearing about my weight loss journey so far might have inspired people to join up to the Ideal Weight is a really awesome feeling!

Today I met Megan, a fellow Ideal Weight member who had travelled all the way to London to be part of the catwalk show with us. We hit it off straight away, and as we rushed around to hair and make up, as well as a dress fitting, we had a real laugh, discussing our weight loss journeys so far and how our lives were changing thanks to following the plan. It was so nice to meet someone else on the plan and going through the same thing as me, and I have to say that she looks fantastic!

I had a great time in between catwalk shows talking to people on the stand who were interested in the plans. One couple were so eager to join that we contacted their local coach there and then to get the ball rolling for them. A lot of people are skeptical when you explain about the food packs, immediately thinking that its complete food abstinence and living on soups and shakes, but the nutrition bars were going down a treat, and after spending a few minutes explaining that you do not have to give up food completely, you could see their shoulders relax. Ideal Weight isn’t about giving up food, its about re-educating yourself to make the right choices with food, and that’s a big difference to a lot of diets on the market.

I just want to say a huge thank you to all the lovely Ideal Weight team for looking after me and giving me such a fantastic opportunity, not only to strut my stuff on the catwalk, but also the chance to speak to people interested in the plan, it was an extremely worthwhile experience!



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