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Easter weekend kind of came and went in a whirlwind, and I well and truly got swept up in it! Good Friday was my beautiful cousins wedding, and feeling exhilarated from my recent fun at the Ideal Home Show, and the fact that I got so many compliments at the wedding about how good I was looking, by the end of the night I dread to think how much alcohol I’d consumed, toasting my cousins nuptials and partying into the early hours (even dropping to my knees to air guitar along to Livin’ On A Prayer!)

Needless to say, the following day, not only did I sound as gravelly as Alice Cooper, but thanks to not taking my make up off the night before, I looked a lot like him too! My first hangover for about a year, it did hit me pretty hard, and although I stuck to the packs, my meal choices left a lot to be desired, and I blamed my poor choices on the fact that I felt fragile. Well, I remembered a coaching session from before where we discussed our choices when faced with these kinds of situations – you can either accept it, change it or avoid it. It was pretty obvious that I couldn’t do much to change or avoid my actions over the past few days, but I could accept it and move on without dwelling or beating myself up. Onwards and upwards, and hopefully no hangovers for another year!



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