Blog Stress

For someone who is usually pretty chilled out and relaxed, coming back into the office this week has been soooooo stressful! I’ve been playing catch up from when I was away, as well as trying to meet deadlines and do my general day-to-day duties too.

I haven’t felt this stressed for a very long time. At lunchtime I headed to Marks & Spencers to get some greetings cards, and the crooked thoughts had already started to creep in, telling me to treat myself to some chocolate as I was stressed. Looking at it now, from a perfectly logical point of view, I realise how nonsensical that thought trail is – how is chocolate going to reach my work targets for me? How is chocolate going to miraculously make me feel 100% better and totally de-stress me? If chocolate could really do those things, then the whole planet would be full of deliriously happy fat people.

I knew that my mind was set to destroy me, so I decided to employ damage limitation – instead of grabbing my favorite bag of Belgian chocolate coated toffee popcorn, I opted for a small bag of salted crisps instead. Ok, so with a logical mind I could have grabbed some fruit, but the demon in my head was pulling out all the stops. So of course, the bag of crisps satisfied me for a few moments, but of course it did nothing to reduce my stress levels. Why am I not surprised!

I am so looking forward to my meeting next week as I’ve missed a few with work and show commitments, and these crooked thought patterns that have started to creep in are telling me that I need to get my structure back, otherwise it's a slippery slope back into those fat trousers!!!


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