Blog Cake

Today is my dear mother-in-laws birthday (I call her MIL for short!) Unlike a lot of MIL’s, I think I’m lucky that mine is more like a best friend than the scary mother-in-law’s you hear people talk about.

I knew she wasn’t much looking forward to her birthday (no-one likes getting older after all!) so I wanted to do something a bit silly that would make her smile to help celebrate her day. So, I spent most of my lunch hour buying up silly party hats, noisy blower things and a big balloon bouquet that I had to fight back to the office in the wind.

I’d already made her a birthday momentous birthday cake the night before - a four layer checkerboard cake made of two chocolate layers and two madeira layers. I knew when I started mixing the ingredients that this one was going to be tricky, not just to construct but also to resist. My sense of smell has gotten very sharp since I’ve been losing weight, so the smell of chocolate and madeira was making it very difficult to resist.

By the time I had finally finished cutting and piecing together the cake, like a giant jigsaw puzzle, and carefully icing the whole thing, it was 11.30pm and I was completely worn out.

Well our little party was fantastic, and when we cut into the cake, I felt ecstatic that all my hard work had come together so effectively. Of course I had to sample a piece of my delicious creation, which I felt was only fair seeing as I made it, and believe me I enjoyed it and didn’t regret my decision one bit.

Perhaps I will when I get on the scales on Tuesday thought? We’ll see how it goes.


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