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Well its been all go go go since my MIL’s birthday, I haven’t stopped, and unfortunately I haven’t been very good with my forward planning, so my meals have been pretty awful to say the least.

Last night I went to see PINK at the O2 arena with my MIL for her birthday, and to say the show was sensational would be an understatement. Not only did she whiz around on high wires over the audience and spin around in a big metal-framed ball with no harness, she did all of this while singing live.

A truly inspirational woman, I was totally mesmerized by her enthusiasm and the incredible amount of hard work that must go into training for something like that. I was so elated after the show that I almost forgot about the rubbish dinner I’d had in a rush before leaving.

Today has been a wonderful day for me because I got to meet one of my best friends baby girl who is just a week and a half old. Words cannot describe how beautiful she is, and I relished the hour I spent just cradling her in my arms while she snoozed, her cute little arms spread out, with an occasional stretch of her long legs. In my excitement to get there and meet her, and to congratulate my friends on their most perfect little girl, I didn’t take anything with me. No sweeteners for my coffee, no packs, no salad for lunch, nothing! My mind was definitely not on the diet today.

It’s true that your priorities do change from time to time, and I can see how my weight loss had taken a back step to other things over the past few days, and to be honest, I wouldn’t change the great times I’ve had, but I do need to remember to plan ahead if I want to succeed in my weight loss.


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