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I’ve had another busy weekend, but this time round I managed to plan ahead and prepare for the events I knew where happening, so it ran smoothly and I managed to keep focused. Hooray!!

As you probably know by now, I have two wonderful nephews who I would bend over backwards for. So, as it was my nephew Charlie’s third birthday last Monday and we were unable to see him on the day, my family and I planned a little tea party for him this weekend, for which he would need a fantastic cake! So, armed with pretty much every utensil in my kitchen, I spent a few hours on Friday evening constructing the best Gruffalo cake I could muster.

It came out pretty well thankfully, and I managed to avoid the temptation of eating the off cuts and left over chocolate fudge icing by giving them to my fiancé who was only too happy to oblige.

On Saturday night, after a nice walk along the river at Lee Valley Park during the day, my fiancé and I headed to our local Indian restaurant for dinner with our friends who we haven’t seen for a while. It was lovely to catch up with each other properly, not just over text or e-mail.

We had a delicious dinner, and I stuck to my healthy salmon shashlick and green bean bhaji with lots of chargrilled veggies and salad. Yum! I find it difficult in some restaurants to find healthy choices that coincide with my meal matrix, but luckily the Indian restaurant we visit are only too willing to accommodate my needs.

Today was family day, so I spent the morning over the park and the fields with my fiancé, brother and nephew, running around in the sunshine playing football and Frisbee.

We had so much fun that we were exhausted when we got back to my parents house for a lunchtime roast dinner. My Dad is an extremely good cook (unfortunately I did not inherit this gene from him!) so the turkey dinner he made was absolutely delicious, and I did succumb to half a roast potato and a Yorkshire pudding…they were too yummy to resist!

We presented the Gruffalo cake to my nephew and sang him happy birthday while he stared at it with a huge grin on his face. I was over the moon he liked it! I did have a small piece of cake, and it was delicious, even if I do say so myself! And after a little sit down and a rest for half an hour, my fiancé and I headed home and walked across to the fields over the road from our flat to meet my sister-in-law, her partner, my nephew and their friends who were having a picnic.

The sunshine had unfortunately disappeared behind the clouds, but it didn’t stop us playing football and heading over to the park, where I found myself sliding down the slide with my nephew who found it hilarious his auntie was on the kiddies slide. I felt full of energy and instead of sitting and watching him play, I got involved! By the time we got home I was well and truly exhausted, but I’d had such a great day!



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