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I woke up this morning feeling good about myself, for the first time in a while. I went to North Weald market with my Mum yesterday, and usually I would just browse the shapeless tops and dresses displayed on the plus size stalls, and end up feeling depressed if I saw an item of clothing I liked on one of the ‘normal’ stalls.

We wandered around in the sunshine for an hour, and I was on the look out for a nice maxi dress. We reached a stall that had some really lovely dresses, but I noticed on the sign the largest size they did was 16-18. I was adamant it wouldn’t fit me, but with a lot of convincing from my Mum, I bought the dress and spent the drive home thinking that I’d just bought another item of clothing for the charity shop, and the fact I had wasted my money too.

With a very happy grin on my face, I was astounded to find the dress fits, and really looks nice on me. I even told myself so, face to face in the mirror.

I mentioned this in our meeting today, as my coach was asking how often we compliment ourselves. I said that I did compliment myself when I was wearing the dress, but that was the first time I ever remember telling myself I looked good.

It’s amazing how much of a struggle it can be to say something nice to yourself; and we all agreed that we could easily list 10 things that we didn’t like, but just trying to say one good thing to yourself is so incredibly difficult.

Our coach told us that we have to be kinder to ourselves, because we have done so well to lose weight and get to this stage, so why shouldn’t we compliment ourselves for that? I don’t think I have ever complimented myself in my entire life, it’s not something I’m comfortable doing and I really do struggle to come up with something positive to say when my head is filled with negative thoughts.

My coach has set us the task of giving ourselves a compliment each day. This is going to be a tough challenge for me, but I do agree with what she is saying, I should be nicer to me, I do deserve a bit of self praise for how well I’ve done and how well I’m continuing to do.

I had aimed to lose 3lb this week, but I only managed 1lb. This did make me feel down for a few seconds, but then I snapped out of it before I fell into the depths of despair. I have lost 1lb, and that is fantastic. Well done me! Laughing



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